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We're building the heart of the rail link through the Alps.



Ceneri Base Tunnel: two-year delay possible

Ongoing legal proceedings jeopardise the time schedule for construction of the Ceneri Base Tunnel. AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd (ATG) today comprehensively informed the NRLA Supervisory Delegation (NAD) about the possible further implementation...

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Status of the work Gotthard and Ceneri base tunnel

At Erstfeld, in the area of Chalchofen and in the cut-and-cover section, the recultivation work is complete. In mid-July 2014 in the Sedrun North section, the final inspections took place. Since the end of July 2014 in Sedrun, dismantling of the...

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Successful Pilot Operation in the Gotthard Base Tunnel

More than 650 successful runs on 78 test days: that is the positive balance of pilot operation in the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Pilot operation took place from December 2013 to mid-June 2014, between the south portal at Bodio and the multifunction...

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