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We're building the heart of the rail link through the Alps.



Status of the work Gotthard and Ceneri base tunnel

In October and November 2014 the measurements took place for overall monitoring of the height of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Checking of the positions of the rails in the Gotthard Base Tunnel was completed. Except for a few residual tasks,...

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Last sleeper laid in the Gotthard Base Tunnel

Today, Wednesday, October 31, 2014, the last rails were laid in the Gotthard Base Tunnel. At a distance of around 54 m from the south portal, the contractor cast the "golden sleeper". A big moment for everyone involved and an important...

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Sedrun information centre closes after 18 years

On Friday, October 31, 2014, the information centre at Sedrun will be open to visitors for the last time. After 18 years and around 390,000 visitors, this success story will come to an end. Since it was opened in 1996, the information centre has...

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