Ceneri Base Tunnel

Only with the 15.4-kilometres-long base tunnel under Monte Ceneri will the continuous flat route from Altdorf to Lugano become reality. After commissioning of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the Ceneri Base Tunnel is Switzerland's largest tunnel-construction project.

Like the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the Ceneri Base Tunnel also consists of two single-track tunnels, which are around 40 metres apart and linked to each other every 325 metres by cross passages. Because of the tunnel's shorter length, no track crossovers or multifunction stations are needed.

At the request of the canton of Ticino, and to meet its regional traffic needs, the Locarno-Lugano link is also being implemented. It reduces the journey time between Locarno and Lugano from today's 59 minutes to 31 minutes.

To link the Ceneri Base Tunnel to the existing railway line, various structures are being built at the Camorino junction. Most prominent are  the two railway viaducts with their striking V-supports and the four-track bridge over the A2 motorway.

The Ceneri Base Tunnel is scheduled to be opened and become operational in 2020.