Railway infrastructure systems

Railway operations in the Ceneri Base Tunnel only become possible with the railway infrastructure systems. They integrate the new track systems into the existing railway network.

The railway infrastructure systems include the track, overhead conductor, electric power supply, cables, telecommunication and radio systems, safety and automation systems, and control systems. In addition to the systems for operation, their installation requires extensive temporary buildings, such as construction-site ventilation, electric power supply and communication, lighting, and access control for installation of the railway infrastructure systems.

On account of its size and position in front of the north portal, the triangle of the traffic hub at Camorino provides ideal conditions for the location of an installations site of around 60,000 square metres, which will be operated between 2016 and 2020. Situated on the site are the control centres, office containers, parking spaces, loading/unloading and marshalling areas, two large halls for the railway systems contractors, and the infrastructure for visitor management.

Close to the tunnel portals at both Camorino and Vezia is a railway systems building. These accommodate all of the technical systems that are necessary for control of the tunnel and the railway operations.

Status of work​​​​​​​