Tunnel infrastructure systems

Following completion of the drive and the lining of the Ceneri Base Tunnel, it is now being fitted out with the mechanical, electrical and ventilation systems without which the tunnel cannot be operated.

In order to simplify spare-parts management as well as the acceptance processes, wherever possible in the Ceneri Base Tunnel the same components are being used for the tunnel infrastructure systems as in the Gotthard Base Tunnel. This relates particularly to the doors, the ventilation systems and the technical floors in the 48 cross-passages.

There are two areas of the tunnel infrastructure systems in which there are major differences from the Gotthard Base Tunnel. In the Ceneri Base Tunnel no ventilation centre is provided. More than 50 jet fans, which are mounted near the portals and in the middle of the tunnel, provide the necessary ventilation of the tunnel during maintenance and in the event of incidents. In contrast to the Gotthard Base Tunnel, in the Ceneri Base Tunnel the groundwater and soiled water are not drained separately. Here, the much smaller volume of groundwater allows a mixed drainage system.