1400 Visitors to the Construction Site Open Day at Sedrun

Success for the construction site open day at Sedrun: on Saturday, June 20, 2009, some 1400 people visited the NRLA construction site in the Surselva. Many interested visitors obtained on-site information about the status of the work. During the day, some 830 people experienced the exclusive 800 m ride down the shaft.

This year, visitors from all over Switzerland and adjoining countries had the opportunity to ride 800 metres down the shaft in the lift and view the area at the bottom of the shaft. 830 people were transported in this way to the level of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel.

Further attractions of the day included a tour of the surface installations site, the various information stands, festive food and drink, and for children a miniature railway. The responsible engineers and tunnellers were present to answer the questions of interested visitors about the state of work on the world's longest railway tunnel.

The interest of the general public in obtaining on-site first-hand information about progress on the Gotthard Base Tunnel continues to be strong.