300'000 visitors to AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. construction sites

On December 3, 2004, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. expected the 300'000th visitor to its construction sites. Since it could not be foreseen whether this would be at Amsteg, Sedrun or Bodio, a group of visitors was given a celebratory welcome at each site.

The requirement for information about construction of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel is as strong as ever. Since construction of the world's longest railway tunnel began in 1996, some 300'000 people have informed themselves by visiting the construction sites at Amsteg, Sedrun und Bodio/Pollegio.

The information centre at Sedrun was opened in October 1996, and the information pavilion at Silenen in January 2000. In spring 2003, the ceremonial opening of the visitor centre at Bodio/Pollegio took place. An information centre is also planned at the north portal of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Erstfeld. Construction is planned to start at the end of 2005, with opening in the spring of 2006.

The visitor centres are now reaching the limits of their capacity. In view of the great demand, groups wishing to visit Amsteg, Sedrun and Bodio/Pollegio have to make their reservations months in advance.