annual film 2012

Switzerland's biggest-ever construction project is making good progress. This is evidenced by the latest annual film from AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd., which in around 30 minutes illustrates the most important work steps of 2012. The film was presented to the public at a premiere in Erstfeld on April 2nd, 2013.

The film documents the progress of construction in 2012. The year is characterised by the transition from tunnel construction to installation of the railway infrastructure systems.

Gotthard Base Tunnel milestones 2012

  • Reconstruction of the Altdorf/Rynächt overground section is complete. Roads, underpasses, and the double-track railway line go into operation punctually.
  • From Erstfeld to Sedrun, the ballastless track, overhead conductor, and further elements of the railway systems are installed.
  • In Sedrun, the single-track tubes and multifunction station are structurally complete.
  • In Bodio, preparations are being made for pilot operation.

Ceneri Base Tunnel milestones 2012

  • The railway viaduct to the north portal at Camorino is under construction.
  • At Sigirino, the miners blast four drivers simultaneously.
  • Lining of the south portal at Vezia is complete.

Annual film in three languages

The AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. annual film for 2012 is now available in three language versions (German, Italian, English). The DVD, which costs CHF 30, can be ordered on the Internet ( or purchased directly at the AlpTransit information centres in Erstfeld, Sedrun and Pollegio, or at the headquarters of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. in Lucerne. The DVD is also available at the RailShop in Lucerne railway station.