Book-trilogy about the construction of the century

Punctually for the operational opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, from the beginning of December 2016 the third and final volume of the trilogy "Gotthard-Base Tunnel – The World's Longest Tunnel", is available in bookshops. Its 276 pages mainly document the installation of the railway systems as well as commissioning of the world's longest railway tunnel.

"Dozens of books have already been published this year about the construction project of the century. With our third volume, the official publication of those responsible for the NEAT is complete. Without exception, all of the contributions were written by people involved in the project", stated Renzo Simoni, Chief Executive Officer of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd, at the book's launch on 5 December, 2016, at Zurich Main Station.

The book, "All Clear Through the Gotthard Base Tunnel" – the final volume of the trilogy "Gotthard Base Tunnel – the World's Longest Tunnel" – explains how two tubes through the mountain became an operational railway tunnel. From the perspective of "Challenges and Solutions", the tunnel infrastructure systems (mechanical and electromechanical systems, ventilation, drainage, etc.) and the railway systems (track; overhead conductor; tractive and other electric-power supplies; cable, telecommunication, and radio systems; safety and automation systems; control systems; etc.) are highlighted. However, the commissioning is also comprehensively discussed and operation of the Gotthard Base Tunnel is covered. Impressive photos by photographer Angel Sanchez, from the canton of Uri, of the tunnel workers, and an exciting text by Lucerne authoress Gisela Widmer, about the ceremonial open-ing of the Gotthard Base Tunnel on 1 June 2016, complete the book.

The trilogy of the people responsible for NEAT

The book "All Clear Through the Gotthard Base Tunnel" is aimed at a broad audience who are interested in the history of transport and railways as well as construction and engineering. As the third volume of the trilogy, the book completes the series "Gotthard Base Tunnel – The World's Longest Tunnel". It follows publication of the first volume, "Gotthard Base Tunnel – The World's Longest Tunnel. The Future Begins", and the second volume, "Gotthard Base Tunnel – The World's Longest Tunnel. The Construction of the Century Takes Shape."

In the first volume (second, redesigned edition 2012), the intensive and long planning period, as well as the start of the construction work, are described. The second volume, which was published in 2010, provides insights into the fascinating world of tunnel construction and examines various aspects of excavation of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and construction of the approach routes up to, and including, the final breakthrough on 15 October 2010.

"Gotthard Base Tunnel – The World's Longest Tunnel. All Clear Through the Gotthard Base Tunnel". Issued by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd, Lucerne, December 2016. 276 pages, hardback, with numerous photographs and graphics. Published by Stämpfli Verlag, Berne. ISBN 978-3-7272-7877-8. Available from bookshops, price CHF 59.90. The Italian edition will be published in spring 2017.