Ceneri Tunnel Construction Lot Awarded

On June 11, 2009, the Board of Directors of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd awarded the construction contract for the Ceneri Base Tunnel (Lot 852) to the Consorzio Condotte Cossi consortium. The companies comprising the consortium are Società Italiana per Condotte d'Acqua S.p.A. Rome (Italy), Cossi S.p.A. Sondrio (Italy), and Cossi SA Lugano (Switzerland). The contract for this major construction lot on the Ceneri is worth 987 million Swiss francs.

After evaluation against all the criteria for the award, the tender submitted by the Consorzio Condotte Cossi and chosen by the Board of Directors of Alp Transit Gotthard Ltd is economically the least expensive offer.

The work awarded for Construction Lot 852 consists mainly of driving the two 11.5-kilometers-long single-track tunnels of the Ceneri Base Tunnel northwards and southwards from the intermediate heading at Sigirino.

The surface installations site will be set up in autumn 2009. Driving of the tunnels will start in spring 2010. Driving should be completed in 2015, after which the railway infrastructure will be installed. Commercial operation of the Ceneri Base Tunnel with scheduled train services is planned to start at the end of 2019.

A total of five international consortia participated in the tendering procedure, which took place according to the rules of GATT/WTO. The tenders were rigorously examined and evaluated according to the Swiss Federal Law on Public Procurement.

The second-best offer was received from a tendering consortium led by the Austrian company Porr Tunnelbau GmbH, Vienna. The other companies in this consortium are G. Hinteregger und Söhne of Austria, and Ghella S.p.A. and Cooperativa Muratori Cementisti, both of Italy. The Swiss company Walo Bertschinger AG has a slightly less than one-fifth participation in the consortium. The tender received from this consortium was more than 70 million Swiss francs, or a good 7 percent, dearer than the tender that was accepted.