Documentary film about the construction history of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

The most important and exciting moments of the 17-years construction period of the Gotthard Base Tunnel are shown in the documentary film entitled "Barbara Is Not Finished Yet – Construction of the Gotthard Base Tunnel 1999 - 2016". Throughout the construction period, an AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd film team accompanied the miners and engineers. The film shows the challenges and innovations as well as the people behind the headlines. The comprehensive bonus material makes the film – which is available in DVD or Blu-ray format – into a unique documentation.

In a few weeks the first scheduled trains will travel through the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Passengers will travel through the dark tunnel comfortably and quickly. Incredible, what it took to make this project-of-the-century possible. It's all shown in the documentary film produced by the constructors, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd, for the tunnel opening. The most exciting and emotional moments, from the first blast to the opening ceremony. Many shots are shown for the first time ever. The directors are Bruno Merlo and Claudia Steiner.

In fifteen 30-minute annual films, the comprehensive bonus material documents in detail the construction history of this project-of-the-century. You can take a close-up view over the shoulders of the miners and engineers. A must-have for every tunnel and railway fan.

The film is now available in Blu-ray and DVD format from retail outlets (booksellers, home-entertainment stores, etc.) in Switzerland. The film can also be downloaded from various video-on-demand platforms. As well as German, the film also contains English, French and Italian language versions. Sales in Germany and Austria will begin in January 2017.