Environmental organisations satisfied with AlpTransit Gotthard

At the beginning of June 2010, the cooperation between the Swiss Environmental Organisations (USO) and AlpTransit Gotthard AG (ATG) was continued in the canton of Uri. At an information day, ATG updated USO on the status of the environmental measures on the NRLA construction sites at Amsteg, Erstfeld and Altdorf/Rynächt. USO expressed pleasure at the careful implementation of the individual measures.

Since construction work began, ATG has held regular inspections of the NRLA construction sites together with USO (Pro Natura, Rheinaubund, Schweizer Heimatschutz, Stiftung Landschaftsschutz Schweiz, Schweizer Vogelschutz, Verkehrsclub der Schweiz and WWF Schweiz). For ATG, these inspections are an important element of its open and transparent information.

At the Information Day on June 1, 2010, the Construction Site Environmental Representatives, who are tasked by ATG with ensuring implementation of the environmental measures on the construction sites, presented a selection of important conditions that were stipulated with the individual planning and construction authorisations. During the construction site tour that followed, the representatives of USO could convince themselves on site of the concrete implementation of measures for air pollution prevention, watercourse protection, and combating of non-native plants (invasive neophytes).

Particular attention was given to the development of the Walenbrunnen stream, which is a central element of the environmental measures that were stipulated in connection with the AlpTransit project. The USO acknowledged that the first phase of renaturing has been carefully executed. They expressed their hope that the next phase, as well as the removal of the surface installations sites and the final landscaping, will be executed with the same care, and that the experience gained to date will be included in the handling of environmental issues resulting from construction projects also in the future.