Management handover at AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

Renzo Simoni takes over from Peter Zbinden as CEO

At the première of the documentary film "AlpTransit Gotthard 2006", Peter Zbinden officially handed over his position as CEO of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd to his successor, Renzo Simoni. At the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Zbinden took his leave with a short review. The new CEO, Renzo Simoni, who takes up his position on April 1, 2007, called on everyone involved to continue their good cooperation in working for efficient construction of the new Gotthard rail link.
This morning at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Peter Zbinden officially handed over management responsibility to his successor, Renzo Simoni, by giving him an AlpTransit Gotthard rucksack containing personal rescue equipment as a symbol of safety. At his retirement ceremony, Peter Zbinden again reviewed what he experienced as the most important milestones of the project. He expressed particular satisfaction that the NRLA supervisory delegation, NAD, judged the award procedure for Erstfeld to be correct, and that the work contract was signed this week.
Renzo Simoni, who takes up his responsibilities as CEO on April 1, 2007, thanked everyone involved in the project, but especially his predecessor, Peter Zbinden, as well as his colleague on the Management Committee, Walter Schneebeli, who also retired. Thanks to their great commitment, Simoni could take over a project that is in an excellent state. He asked everyone involved to give him their support, and to go on making every effort to ensure that construction of AlpTransit Gotthard continues as efficiently as possible.
The symbolic handover of the position of CEO took place at the première of the film "AlpTransit Gotthard 2006". This 30-minute documentary about construction work in the last few years on the Gotthard and Ceneri tunnels was produced by Philipp Unterschütz (Communication ATG) and Bruno Merlo (Merlovideo, Lucerne). In addition to the film in three language versions (Swiss, German, Italian), the DVD also contains as extensive bonus material a personal review by Peter Zbinden, impressions of the first breakthrough in the Gotthard Base Tunnel, and a short film about planning the flat rail route. The DVD can be ordered on the Internet at It is also available at the visitor centres and branch offices of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd.