New guided tours of the NRLA construction sites in Ticino

Every year, the construction sites of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. attract thousand of visitors from Switzerland and abroad. Starting a few weeks ago, the Gotthard South Information Centre at Pollegio now offers two new guided tours: at Biasca, a visit to the railway systems for the Gotthard Base Tunnel, and at Sigirino, an underground visit to the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

The focal point of the first guided tour are the railway systems of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Visitors have the opportunity to travel by train over the test route in the Bodio section. During the ride, they can view the almost finished tunnel with the permanent track. They can also visit an already equipped cross-passage which contains everything that is needed for later operation with high-speed trains.

The second guided tour, in the Ceneri Base Tunnel, is completely new. Until now, visits were only possible on construction site open days. The guided tour begins on the construction site itself at Sigirino. After a presentation about the project, visitors have the opportunity to observe work inside the tunnel.

Both guided tours can be booked through the Pollegio Information Centre on 091 873 05 50 or by e-mail to info(at)


[Translate to English:] Neue Besucherführungen Bahntechnik in Bodio.

[Translate to English:] Neue Besucherführungen Bahntechnik in Bodio.