Pollegio Information Centre extensively updated

In the last few months, the exhibition in the AlpTransit Gotthard South Information Centre at Pollegio has been renewed and updated. The exhibition now also shows installation of the railway systems. With audio-visual media and exhibits, the complex work on the NRLA axis under the Gotthard is comprehensibly explained. There is also a new section devoted to construction of the Ceneri Base Tunnel. Guided tours of the construction sites can still be booked at the Information Centre.

The focus of work in the Gotthard Base Tunnel is changing from construction of the tunnel to installation of the railway systems. The Gotthard South Information Centre now also takes this into account. The exhibition has been completely updated and new sections have been added. The focus is now on installation of the railway systems in the Gotthard Base Tunnel. The exhibition impressively shows all that is necessary so that trains can soon travel through the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

Construction of the Ceneri Base Tunnel is now also comprehensively integrated in the exhibition. A new section is devoted to the 15-kilometres-long tunnel between Camorino and Lugano. Up-to-date short films show the work involved in surveying, spoil management and environmental protection on the AlpTransit construction sites.

The Gotthard South Information Centre at Pollegio was opened in 2003 and since then has received more than 330,000 enthusiastic visitors from all over the world. The Information Centre organises visits to the following AlpTransit construction sites: railway systems at Biasca (travelling into the Gotthard Base Tunnel by train); surface construction site at Bodio; and the Ceneri Base Tunnel at Sigirino (travelling into the tunnel to see the huge cavern with the underground concrete-production system). The Information Centre is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. Further information at www.infocentro.ch or +4191 873 05 50.

The exhibition in the AlpTransit InfoCenter at Erstfeld has also been updated. Like at Pollegio, here too, the focus is on installation of the railway systems. At Erstfeld, guided tours of the Gotthard Base Tunnel are possible from Tuesday to Saturday. Further information at www.alptransit.ch or +41 41 884 72 90.