Railway infrastructure systems for the Ceneri Base Tunnel: Swiss Supreme Court confirms awards by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court has upheld two appeals against decisions of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court of March 2014 in connection with the award of railway infrastructure systems for the Ceneri Base Tunnel. The judgements of the Federal Administrative Court have been annulled. The original decisions of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd for the awards are confirmed. The formerly planned date for opening the Ceneri Base Tunnel to commercial traffic along with the revised railway timetable in December 2019 therefore remains the goal of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd.

On August 12, 2013, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd awarded the "Railway Track & Logistics" lot to the Mons Ceneris Consortium, under the lead management of Mancini&Marti AG, Bellinzona, for the price of around CHF 96 million, and the "Railway Systems & Overall Coordination“ lot to the CPC Consortium, under the lead management of Cablex AG, Berne, for the price of around CHF 129 million.

In September 2013, appeals against these two awards were lodged with the Swiss Federal Administrative Court. In March 2014, the Federal Administrative Court partly upheld the appeals. The contested awards were annulled and the matter was referred back to ATG.

The two original recipients of the awards, Mons Ceneris and CPC, appealed against these judgements at the Federal Supreme Court. The highest Swiss court has now upheld their appeals and thereby confirmed the decisions by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd to grant the awards to the original recipients.