The book about the AlpTransit Gotthard vision

From the beginning of December 2012, the second, redesigned edition of the first volume "Gotthard Base Tunnel – the Future Begins" is available in bookshops. In 192 pages, the book surveys the beginnings of the AlpTransit Gotthard project of the century and demonstrates the amount of planning and preparation work that goes into such a large project.

In addition, the book also discusses the history of transport over and through the Gotthard, and in an essay "Legendary Gotthard" explains why just this region is so very important to Switzerland. There are contributions from various people involved in the project as well as representatives of the regions that are affected. With many illustrations, the book is a document of our times which extends beyond technology and politics.

The redesign of Volume 1 "Gotthard Base Tunnel – the Future Begins", which was first published around ten years ago, arose from the idea of a consistent graphical concept for the planned trilogy. While the texts remain unchanged, the charts and images have as far as possible been taken over and adapted to the new design concept.

On the occasion of the Final Breakthrough in autumn 2010, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd published the second volume of the trilogy under the title "Gotthard Base Tunnel – the Construction of the Century Takes Shape", which is concerned with the civil engineering execution of the project.

The third and final volume is planned for the opening in 2016. It will be devoted to the technical installations and commissioning of the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

The book about the vision: "Gotthard Base Tunnel – the World's Longest Tunnel. The Future Begins" Issued by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd, Lucerne, December 2012. 192 pages, hardback, with numerous photographs and charts. Published by Stämpfli, Berne. ISBN 978-3-7272-1238-3. Available from bookshops, price CHF 59.90. The re-designed Italian edition will be published in summer 2013.


"Gotthard-Basistunnel - Der längste Tunnel der Welt", Buch Band 1 & 2.

"Gotthard-Basistunnel - Der längste Tunnel der Welt", Buch Band 1 & 2.