Visitor magnet: thousands wanted to see NRLA construction sites

The NRLA construction site open day in the canton of Uri is a magnet for visitors. On May 29, 2010, on the construction sites of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. at Erstfeld and Altdorf/Rynächt, some 3500 enthusiastic people took the opportunity to inform themselves about the status of work on the world’s longest railway tunnel. The main attractions were the tours of the tunnel and the steam-train trips on the overground approach line between Altdorf and Erstfeld.

Around 3500 people from all over Switzerland and the neighbouring countries showed great interest in the NRLA construction sites in the canton of Uri’s Reuss Valley. Numerous families showed their children the future of the railway line through the Gotthard. For 1200 people there was the unique opportunity to travel on the construction-site railway through the first seven kilometres of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Deep below ground , the visitors could undertake a tour of the shafts and passages of the world’s longest tunnel. They showed themselves impressed with the achievements of the tunnel builders.

On the Erstfeld surface installations site, the visitors had the opportunity to tour the Erstfeld InfoCenter, the spoil-processing plants, the cut-and-cover tunnel, the workshops, and the Swiss Federal Railways fire-fighting train. Construction specialists and engineers provided interested visitors with information about their work on the construction project of the century.

The steam train on the overground approach line between Altdorf and Erstfeld warmed many hearts. During the trip, the visitors could gain an impression of the various bridges and underpasses along the approach route to the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. offers guided tours for visitors on the construction sites at Erstfeld, Sedrun and Bodio. The Erstfeld InfoCenter organises guided tours of the tunnel for groups of up to 20 people on Tuesdays to Saturdays. For further information about guided tours and available dates, please visit or phone the Erstfeld InfoCenter on 041 884 72 90.