Visitor Record at Sigirino Construction Site Open Day

On Saturday May 16, 2009, the construction site open day at Sigirino once again attracted many interested people. The 6,200 visitors took the opportunity to obtain on-site information about the state of work on the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

Large numbers already started to arrive early in the morning: 6,200 people from all over Switzerland and Lombardy visited the AlpTransit construction site at Sigirino.

The visitors had the possibility to walk round the Sigirino construction site and inspect the work. The main attraction was the visit to the logistics cavern, around 2.3 kilometres into the mountain. At a later date, driving to the north and south will take place from this cavern. At various information stands the visitors received information from the responsible representatives of AlpTransit Gotthard AG, the local construction management and others involved in the project. 

The Canton of Ticino radio station Rete Uno (RSI) transmitted live from the construction site. The radio team accompanied the visitors throughout the day and broadcast a special programme on the topic of the New Rail Link through the Alps.

The Ceneri Base Tunnel is an important component of the new flat rail link through the Alps and is scheduled to go into operation in 2019.