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Peter Teuscher, CEO of AlpTransit Lötschberg Ltd, has joined the Board of Directors of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd (ATG). Teuscher was elected to board membership at the full meeting of the ATG board held today.ATG is a subsidiary of Swiss Federal Railways Ltd with the mission of planning and constructing the Gotthard section of the New Rail Link Through the Alps. At the proposal of the ATG Board of Directors submitted to its full meeting held on Tuesday, Peter Teuscher was elected a new Member...More

AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd (ATG) as owner, and the Swiss Railway Infrastructure Consortium Gotthard (SBK), have reached agreement on withdrawal of the appeal against the award of the contract for installation of the railway infrastructure in the Gotthard Base Tunnel. This finally opens the way for work to start on the project-of-the-century railway infrastructure of the Gotthard Base Tunnel.To avoid years of delay being caused by a legal battle over award of the contract for installation of the...More

There could be no better omen: On exactly December 4, 2007, the day of their patron - saint Barbara - the tunnellers at Erstfeld began mechanical driving. After the Saint Barbara's Day service in Erstfeld church, Tunnel Boring Machine Gabi 1 was ceremonially started on the construction site. Excavating the last section of the Gotthard Base Tunnel has thus now also begun. After 7.2 km, breakthrough to the Amsteg section will take place at the end of 2009.In parallel with assembly of the...More

Squeezing Rock Conditions Successfully OvercomeAfter one final blast, at 11 am today tunnellers from Sedrun and Amsteg could shake hands. Nine months earlier than planned, breakthrough took place in the west tunnel of the Gotthard Base Tunnel between the Sedrun and Amsteg sections with a horizontal deviation of just under 15 cm and a vertical deviation of only 1 cm. The concept of deformable steel inserts that was developed specially for the squeezing rock conditions of the Tavetsch...More

No delay granted: AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd has signed the contractIt is now definite: The ruling by the Swiss Federal Administrative tribunal that the appeal of a consortium against the award by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd in January 2007 of the water processing system for the Ceneri Base Tunnel should not be allowed to cause delay is legally binding. The contract with the Pizzarotti SA Passavant Impianti S.p.A. Consortium could therefore be signed.On December 21, 2006, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd...More

Last weekend, Erstfeld and Biasca were transformed into colourful fairgrounds: On September 8 and 9, 2007, in ideal weather, Gottardo celebrated "125 Years of Gotthard Railway". Some 50,000 railway enthusiasts, families and local residents were drawn by numerous attractions. There were also thousands of visitors to the AlpTransit Gotthard construction site at Erstfeld. Here, on these two days, they had the opportunity to take an exclusive look behind the scenes.On the weekend of...More

29. August 2007

On the NRLA construction site at Erstfeld, blasting for the starter tunnels began on August 29, 2007. In both tunnels, approximately 20 metres were excavated by drilling and blasting. Blasting will continue until the end of October 2007.With overhaul and assembly of the tunnel boring machines at Erstfeld now at an advanced stage, work has begun on the starter tunnels. The necessary 20 metres were first excavated in the east tunnel, then in the west tunnel. To reduce disturbance to...More

On Friday, July 6, 2007, in the multifunction station at Faido, the tunnel boring machine in the east tunnel resumed driving. The machine in the west tunnel will start in October 2007. Breakthrough between Sedrun and Faido is expected to take place in 2011.At a simple ceremony in Faido, the first of the two tunnel boring machines was restarted just after 2 pm. Mechanical driving towards Sedrun is the last major challenge in excavating the Gotthard Base Tunnel, explained Renzo Simoni, CEO of...More

Success for the Construction Site Open Day at Sedrun: On Saturday, June 23, 2007, some 2,500 people visited the NRLA construction site in the Surselva. For the first time, visitors could ride down the shaft. The proceeds of 19,000 Swiss francs raised from ticket sales will be donated by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd and the contracting companies to two charitable organisations in the Grisons Oberland.For the first time, visitors from all over Switzerland and adjoining countries had the opportunity...More

Auf der ATG-Baustelle in Sedrun ereignete sich am 4. Juni 2007 ein schwerer Unfall. Am späten Nachmittag stürzte ein kroatischer Bauarbeiter etwa vier Meter in die Tiefe. Er erlitt schwere Kopf- und Rückenverletzungen. Die Rega flog den Mann ins Kantonsspital Chur. Laut Kantonspolizei Graubünden hatte der 33-jährige Arbeiter die Aufgabe, in der Weströhre des Gotthard-Basistunnels auf einer Baumaschine das Ausbruchmaterial zu bewässern, damit die Staubentwicklung verhindert wird. Aus noch...More

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