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A further important phase in construction of the Ceneri Base Tunnel has come to an end. Today, Wednesday, December 21, 2011, at 2:50 pm, the last blast in the north drive at Viga-na took place. Six hundred-and-seventy metres of the 15.4-kilometres-long Ceneri Base Tun-nel have been excavated by blasting from Vigana. Lining of the tunnel will start at the beginning of 2012."Although excavation work from the north portal at Vigana and the south portal at Vezia is now complete, work on...More

Every year, the construction sites of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. attract thousand of visitors from Switzerland and abroad. Starting a few weeks ago, the Gotthard South Information Centre at Pollegio now offers two new guided tours: at Biasca, a visit to the railway systems for the Gotthard Base Tunnel, and at Sigirino, an underground visit to the Ceneri Base Tunnel. The focal point of the first guided tour are the railway systems of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Visitors have the opportunity to...More

Neue Besucherführungen Bahntechnik in Bodio.

AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. and SIEMAG Tecberg GmbH have signed the work contract for the hoisting equipment for the two 800-metres-deep hoistways at Sedrun. The hoisting equipment will be used for inspection and maintenance work. Installation will start in August 2013. The contract for "Lot C – Hoisting Equipment Sedrun Shafts" is worth approximately 18 million Swiss francs. SIEMAG Tecberg GmbH is tasked with planning and developing the hoisting equipment for the around...More

Stephan Sartor von SIEMAG Tecberg und Renzo Simoni von der AlpTransit Gotthard AG unterzeichnen den Werkvertrag für die Hebeeinrichtungen in Sedrun.

Installation of the railway systems at the north portal of the Gotthard Base Tunnel has begun. In the next four years, a large part of the railway infrastructure, such as railway tracks and catenaries, as well as the electric power supply , telecommunication and safety systems, will be installed from Erstfeld. Work throughout the Gotthard Base Tunnel is progressing rapidly. The Gotthard Base Tunnel will be ready for scheduled train services in 2016. Since autumn 2010, work on the Railway...More

The Federal Office of Transport (FOT), AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd (ATG), and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB AG) will do everything possible to make the Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) operational from December 2016. All work in the GBT and on the approach lines will be in support of this goal. ATG as constructor of the Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) as future operator have coordinated their timetables. They plan to start scheduled train services through the GBT from the...More

Success for the first construction site open day at Biasca: on Saturday, May 28, 2011, around 1,800 people visited the NRLA construction site at Biasca. The visitors obtained on-site information about installation of the railway systems in the world's longest railway tunnel. Visitors from all over Switzerland as well as neighbouring countries had the opportunity to view the installations site for the railway systems for the first time. Around 600 people could also travel by train into the...More

Baustelle Biasca

Today, Thursday, April 28, 2011, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. and the TLT-Turbo / ABB Consortium signed the work contract for the operational ventilation of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. The contract for "Lot C – Operational Ventilation Gotthard Base Tunnel" is worth approximately 40 million Swiss francs. The TLT-Turbo / ABB Consortium is tasked with planning the execution and developing the operational ventilation as well as manufacturing the systems and installing them in the...More

Die Arbeiten an der offenen Zufahrtsstrecke im Kanton Uri und am Bahntechnik-Installationsplatz im Rynächt laufen auf Hochtouren. Seit heute stehen der Bevölkerung zwei neue Besucherplattformen zur Verfügung. Von den sogenannten Infopoints aus können Interessierte die Bauarbeiten hautnah verfolgen. Die beiden Plattformen sind frei zugänglich. Zusätzlich bietet das InfoCenter in Erstfeld neu Führungen in den Raum Altdorf-Rynächt an. Im Rynächt steht eine rund zehn Meter hohe, dem Logo der...More

Final breakthrough and start of installation of the railway systems in the Gotthard Base Tunnel, driving at all construction sites of the Ceneri Base Tunnel: these were important milestones attained by the tunnel constructors on the Gotthard axis of the NRLA in 2010. A film by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. documents the progress of construction with impressive scenes. Switzerland's biggest-ever construction project is making good progress. This is evidenced by the latest annual film from...More

On March 29, 2011, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. and the Giustizia Consortium signed the work contract for realisation of the connection from the AlpTransit line to the Swiss Federal Railways main line between Biasca and Osogna. Member companies of the Giustizia Consortium are LVG AG, Ennis Ferrari AG, and Mancini & Marti AG. The contract for Construction Lot 626 is worth around 33 million Swiss francs. Execution work will start in May 2011 and complete in 2015. "To implement the Nodo...More

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