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From the beginning of December 2012, the second, redesigned edition of the first volume "Gotthard Base Tunnel – the Future Begins" is available in bookshops. In 192 pages, the book surveys the beginnings of the AlpTransit Gotthard project of the century and demonstrates the amount of planning and preparation work that goes into such a large project. In addition, the book also discusses the history of transport over and through the Gotthard, and in an essay "Legendary...More

"Gotthard-Basistunnel - Der längste Tunnel der Welt", Buch Band 1 & 2.

The collaboration between AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. and the environmental protection organisations with objection rights has proved its worth. This was the conclusion reached by the Swiss Environmental Organisations (USO) after their visit to the construction sites of the Ceneri Base Tunnel on October 30, 2012.For many years, the Swiss environmental protection organisations have regularly visited the various construction sites that are operated by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. for the NRLA...More

On Saturday, June 30, 2012, at Erstfeld in the canton of Uri, almost 2,500 people informed themselves about the current status of work on the world's longest railway tunnel. The main attraction was the visit to the base tunnel. For the first time, the visitors could ride into the Gotthard Base Tunnel by train. The approximately 2,500 visitors from all over Switzerland and its neighbouring countries showed great interest in the installation of the railway systems in the northern section of...More

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05. April 2012

Switzerland's biggest-ever construction project is making good progress. This is evidenced by the latest annual film from AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd., which in around 30 minutes illustrates the most important work steps of 2010. The film was presented to the public at a premiere in Erstfeld on March 30, 2012. The film documents the progress of construction in 2011. The year is characterised by the transition from tunnel construction to installation of the railway infrastructure...More