Press release

Today, Wednesday, October 31, 2014, the last rails were laid in the Gotthard Base Tunnel. At a distance of around 54 m from the south portal, the contractor cast the "golden sleeper". A big moment for everyone involved and an important milestone for the project. The pure laying time was 39 months. 290 km of track have been laid. The entire 57 km of the world's longest railway tunnel can now be continuously travelled by diesel locomotives. At exactly 12.00 noon today, the...More

On Friday, October 31, 2014, the information centre at Sedrun will be open to visitors for the last time. After 18 years and around 390,000 visitors, this success story will come to an end. Since it was opened in 1996, the information centre has attracted visitors from Switzerland, Europe, and the rest of the world. So that people can still inform themselves about construction of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the two information centres at Erstfeld and Pollegio will remain open until the...More

The Construction Site Open Day at Sigirino on Saturday, September 20, 2014, once again attracted many interested visitors. Around 6,500 people obtained on-site information about the state of work on the Ceneri Base Tunnel. Thanks to the sunny autumn day, sizeable numbers already arrived in the morning: 6,500 people from all over Switzerland and Lombardy visited the AlpTransit construction site at Sigirino. Also this year, the main attraction was the visit to the cavern system (CAOP),...More

With construction of the new Gotthard rail link, Switzerland is implementing one of Europe's largest environmental-protection projects. Not only is construction work on the project of the century taking place as environmentally compatibly as possible: AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd is also ensuring that its projects are ecologically optimised. For example, tunnel water at the north end of the Gotthard Base Tunnel will be used for breeding native fish and crustaceans (shellfish) as well as to...More

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court has upheld two appeals against decisions of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court of March 2014 in connection with the award of railway infrastructure systems for the Ceneri Base Tunnel. The judgements of the Federal Administrative Court have been annulled. The original decisions of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd for the awards are confirmed. The formerly planned date for opening the Ceneri Base Tunnel to commercial traffic along with the revised railway timetable...More

Ongoing legal proceedings jeopardise the time schedule for construction of the Ceneri Base Tunnel. AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd (ATG) today comprehensively informed the NRLA Supervisory Delegation (NAD) about the possible further implementation scenarios. The most likely scenario is for opening to take place at the end of 2021 instead of the end of 2019 as originally planned. The associated additional costs can be absorbed by existing risk provisions within the overall NRLA credit. In September...More

More than 650 successful runs on 78 test days: that is the positive balance of pilot operation in the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Pilot operation took place from December 2013 to mid-June 2014, between the south portal at Bodio and the multifunction station at Faido. On this 13-kilometres-long section of tunnel, trains travelled at up to 220 km/h. Pilot operation provided important findings for test operation of the complete tunnel system, which will begin in autumn 2015, and for opening of the...More

Consequent on the judgements of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd has terminated its proceedings regarding award of the railway infrastructure systems for the Ceneri Base Tunnel. A new invitation to tender will be issued as soon as possible. No statement can yet be made about the effects on the planned opening date of the Ceneri Base Tunnel in December 2019. With its judgements of March 14, 2014, the Swiss Federal Administrative Court partly upheld both of the...More

The Swiss Federal Administrative Court has partly upheld both of the appeals against the awards made by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd of the railway systems lots "Railway Track & Logistics" and "Railway Systems & Overall Coordination". The contested awards have been annulled and returned to AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd for reconsideration. AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd will analyse these decisions and decide how it will proceed in the next few days. It is not yet possible at...More