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Milestone under the Gotthard: Since October 1, 2015, the test operation phase in the Gotthard Base Tunnel has been in full swing. The first test runs have already been successfully performed. Until May 31, 2016, around 5,000 test runs are planned, with trains travelling at up to 275 kilometres per hour through the world's longest tunnel. Following receipt of the release by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport, test operation started on schedule on October 1, 2015. Already soon after, the...More

The legal dispute concerning the award of the railway systems for the Ceneri Base Tunnel has consequences. An intensive review by the constructor, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd, has concluded that operational opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel should now be planned for 2020 instead of 2019. AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd comprehensively informed the NRLA Supervisory Delegation (NAD) today. In September 2013, appeals were lodged against the awards made by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd of the railway systems...More

In a year’s time, the Gotthard base tunnel will be inaugurated. At 57 kilometres in length, it will be the world’s longest tunnel. Today in Lucerne, transport minister Doris Leuthard started the countdown to the ceremony. On 1 June 2016, the official state occasion will take place, and the following weekend, a large-scale celebration will be held to thank the public. In the presence of SBB and AlpTransit Gotthard CEOs, Andreas Meyer and Renzo Simoni, and representatives of the governments...More

Laura Sadis, former State Councillor of the Canton of Ticino, has joined the Board of Directors of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd (ATG). The General Meeting of ATG elected Laura Sadis to board membership today. ATG is a subsidiary of Swiss Federal Railways Ltd, with the mission of planning and constructing the Gotthard axis of the New Rail Link through the Alps, with base tunnels under the Gotthard and Ceneri. The General Meeting of ATG elected Laura Sadis to board membership of ATG today. She...More

Railway systems in the GBT almost completely installed – first pilot runs in the Gotthard Base Tunnel successfully completed – 90 percent of the Ceneri Base Tunnel excavated: those are important milestones in the construction of the NRLA that were attained by the tunnel constructors on the Gotthard in 2014. The film by AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. documents the progress of construction with impressive scenes. AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. presents its latest documentary film. Throughout the year, a...More

After one final blast, at exactly 12:00 noon today, Tuesday, March 17, 2015, the miners in the Ceneri Base Tunnel could shake hands. Thirteen months ahead of schedule, the first breakthrough to the south took place in the west tube of the Ceneri Base Tunnel. The final breakthrough to the north is planned for the beginning of 2016. The Ceneri Base Tunnel will become operational at the end of 2019. In his address, Renzo Simoni, Chief Executive Officer of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd, spoke of his...More