Press release

By the north portal of the Ceneri Base Tunnel in the east tube, installation of the railway infrastructure systems has begun. During the course of the next years, the 15.4-kilometres-long base tunnel between Camorino and Vezia will be equipped with the railway infrastructure systems such as the track, overhead conductor, tractive and general electric-power supply, telecommunication and safety systems as well as control systems. In 2020 the Ceneri Base Tunnel will be ready for scheduled train...More

At an internal specialist conference on Friday, June 30, 2017, Renzo Simoni officially handed over chairmanship of the Executive Board of AlpTransit Gotthard Limited to his successor, Dieter Schwank. Renzo Simoni took his leave with a brief retrospective review. In his outlook, the new Chief Executive Officer, Dieter Schwank, focused on completion of the flat route through the Alps. The Ceneri Base Tunnel is planned to be handed over to Swiss Federal Railways on September 1, 2020. In his...More